How to send Credit to my family and Friend in Afghanistan?

Follow the following simple steps:

1. Browse to https://etohfa.afghan-wireless.com
2. Fill the Text Boxes (Top-up Recipient's Mobile Number, Your Email Address, Your Mobile Phone Number)
3. Select a Denomination from $10, $20, $50 and $100
4. Click Next, you will See and Review your Payment details
5. Once all information is correct select Paypal
6. If you chosen PayPal, sign in to your Paypal to complete the Transaction
7. If you don't have any account, you can Sign-In and create your Paypal Account in few minutes. Having a credit card for creating the account is a must.
8. Once the transaction is completed, receiver in Afghanistan will receive a notification SMS.

Do you accept credit cards? What types?

Yes. We accept all Credit Cards (ie Master Card, Visa, American Express etc) through PayPal.

How long does it take to receive minutes after placing order?

You will receive airtime in less than 10 minutes after successful payment. However, Paypal runs fraud prevention checks on random transaction which may delay the process for up to 24 hours. Please contact us only if you haven't received your minutes 24 hours after placing order.

Is there any charges to send credit online using TOHFA?

Yes, it is 2%-5% standard online transaction charge for PayPal.

Will sender or receiver receive SMS confirmation?

Yes, Receiver will receive SMS notification once the credit transaction is completed and airtime transferred to customer in Afghanistan.

Will senders number appear in SMS notification to receiver in Afghanistan?

Yes, the senders number will appear.

What will happen if credit is sent to a Post-paid number?

It cannot be sent to post-paid number, as the system checks for the number on the IN, before processing the payment.

Can the system recognize all input types ie 0700805114, +93700805114, 8015014, etc?

IN verifies the number's existence in pre-paid platform before making the transaction. Transaction will not happen if you provide a wrong or other operators number except Afghan Wireless.

What will happen if Sender sends the credit to another number? Can AWCC remove/deduct it & send the credit to right number?

Once the transaction is completed, the credit & confirmation goes to the receiver. Afghan Wireless cannot deduct credit from receiver's account and send to different account.

What will happen if Receiver's number is recycled or does not exist?

Transaction will not happen. See A5.